Canalón de Timbiquí - De mar y río remixes vol. 1

by Canalón de Timbiquí



Llorona Records presents Canalón de Timbiquí – De mar y río remixes Vol. 1

Canalon de Timbiquí’s new record is the closest you can get to the powerful seductive deep Marimba de Chonta driven music coming from the pacific coast jungle of Colombia. Rough roots music that has been kept pure by geographical and social complex divisions in the country. Secret ancient sounds that keep inspiring producers that are feeding the original sound of Latin-American electronic music scene.

The original recordings of De mar y río find new unexpected destinies in this fist volume of remixes. Uji, Cerrero, Dani Boom and Santiago Navas deliver a blend of roots and future in these four versions of Canalon de Timbiqui’s inspired parallel universes. The raw and mystical hypnotic music from Nidia Gongora´s ensemble is dissected and taken to the dance floor - sound system world inviting us to keep searching deeper in the ancient voices that are shaping the future sound of music.

Uji, nomad traveller of South American ancient sounds, trance-inducing version holds wisely, slowly building up to burst into a futuristic salsa celebration. Uji is known for his elegant ritualistic production and his take on Canalon de Timbiqui´s anthem holds to his revered sound.

Cerrero is Diego Gómez, Llorona Records´s producer, solo project. Known for records such as Dub de gaita alongside dub legend Adrian Sherwood, Cerrero takes us to the mimalist ethereal dub side of Tio Guachupesito. The first part of the track works as an introduction for the unexpected hypnotic synth driven b section that holds Nidia Gongora´s breathtaking acapella.

Dani Boom, Colombian techno legend and Systema Solar mastermind, rework on Tio Guachupesito brings a tribal 90’s rave techno vibe that blends perfectly with the powerful roots percussion of the original version diluting boundaries in a dancefloor killer track.

Santiago Navas, a young face in the Colombian electronic music scene, has already won a reputation as one of the cutting edge producers on a new generation that is striving for his place in the exciting Latin American music scene. Navas remix of La Casa de la compañía is his first appearance on Llorona Records, a beautiful rework on this 6 / 8 Juga that celebrates Timbiqui´s local never ending parties.


Llorona Records presenta Canalón de Timbiquí – De mar y río remixes Vol. 1

De mar y río de Canalón de Timbiquí es una joya discográfica que marca un antes y un después para la emblemática agrupación liderada por Nidia Gongora. Las grabaciones del disco son un tesoro que sigue resonando y encontrando destinos inesperados en las manos de productores que ven en esta música no solo la raíz sino el futuro de la voz propia que es hoy la electrónica latinoamericana.

Uji, Cerrero, Dani Boom y Santiago Navaz nos entregan 4 versiones del universo de Canalón de Timbiquí imaginado desde los samples, los synthes y las posibilidades de la música de marimba en el mundo de los sistemas de sonido y las pistas de baile.

De mar y río remixes vol. 1 es una invitación a seguir descubriendo el poder del sonido único del Pacífico colombiano, a dejarse encantar por el encuentro que nos presenta cada una de estas versiones y el sincretismo que sigue siendo hoy el caldero de los experimentos mas sorprendentes en la música.


released July 12, 2019


all rights reserved



Llorona Records Bogotá, Colombia

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